Darling Clementines

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comm_clementinesDarling Clementines from LGS sell themselves. Small enough to fit a child's hand, they have a zipper skin that peels off effortlessly and a delectably sweet savor that makes first-time tasters fall in love. With so much going for them, it's no surprise Darling Clementines fly off the produce shelves, and consumers eat them by the crateful.

Sources, Seasons, and Supply: LGS is your all season source for Clementines from around the world. Countries like Spain, South Africa, Morocco, the U.S.A., Chile and Peru, which have the fertile combination of warm days and cool nights needed for Clementines to develop the right balance of acidity and sweetness. We partner with the world's leading growers to introduce new varieties, smooth supply lines and bring you first quality fruit.


  • From November to February - Clementines from Spain, Morocco and California, USA
  • From March to May - Mandarins from the Northern Hemisphere
  • From June to August - Clementines from South Africa, Chile and Peru
  • From August to October - Mandarins from the Southern Hemisphere

And, LGS is known throughout the industry for consistent supply, classy packaging, and consumer brand name recognition. Little wonder LGS accounts for the lion's share of all the Clementines entering U.S. markets, making it the nation's #1 importer.

clementine5lbboxDarling Clementines Packaging Options
Indepth consumer research helps keep LGS on top of changing consumer lifestyles. To meet new packaging preferences, Darling Clementines are sold in a variety of package sizes. From the traditional 5lb wooden or cardboard crates to smaller 2lb and 3lb. European-style mesh bags.

Darling Clementines on Display

Smart merchandising can help you move more Darling Clementines into consumer shopping carts. Attention-getting in-store displays are a big sales booster, and so is sampling. To generate extra excitement, consider staging a Darling Clementines peeling contest for kids. Or to get the attention of value-conscious customers, offer dollars-off promos or bonus points on club cards. Darling Clementines can be terrific traffic builders, so be sure to place them in a prominent location. One supermarket placed a Darling Clementines Display in the parking lot - a testimonial to the merchandising power of this amazing fruit!


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