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Growing Life’s Sweetest Moments

Famous for their tart, juicy flavor and vibrant color that brightens up any plate, fresh Darling Grapefruit will always leave you with a smile! They serve as a refreshing snack or a naturally sweet addition to a variety of recipes, from fruity cocktails to baked sweets.

whole and halved grapefruit
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Storage Tips for Darling Grapefruit®

bowl of grapefruits illustration

Room Temperature

Store for about 2 to 7 days in an open air container away from direct sunlight.

bag of grapefruit next to fridge illustration

In the Refrigerator

Store in a mesh bag or loose inside the fruit drawer for about 1 to 2 weeks.

Quick Usage Tips

Squeeze ‘em into your favorite cocktails, juices, or water for an added kick of citrus flavor

Broil ‘em and drizzle with honey for an easy, naturally sweet snack

Bake ‘em to make tart grapefruit bars or include them in your favorite baked treats

grapefruit slices on yogurt illustration

Slice ‘em and add them as the perfect juicy topping to savory salads or a yogurt parfait

Grapefruit Nutrition Facts

Per Serving
0 G
Total Fat
2 G
Dietary Fiber
160 MG
1 G
60% DV
Vitamin C

Full Nutrition Facts
grapefruit nutrition facts