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Welcome Trade Partners

Why LGS?

We are committed to providing the world’s best fruit—it’s that simple. To fulfill this mission, we adapt to shifting trends and needs that best serve our customers. Almost three decades of nurturing relationships throughout the supply chain has resulted in a seamless and trustworthy network of supply partnerships.

Your shoppers are purchasing clementines year-round.

Get the Facts
Darling Clementines oranges
Darling Clementines logo

Maximize your sales in the fastest growing citrus category with consistent flavor and quality year-round.

Pack Sizes

2 or 3ct Bags
15/2lb Bags
10/3lb Bags
6/5lb Bags
5lb Boxes
33lb Bulk Boxes
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darling oranges
Darling Oranges logo

Darling Oranges® provide a fresh and sweet citrus flavor and are available during the months of July – October.

Pack Sizes

9/3lb Bags
7/4lb Bags
8/5lb Bags
33lb Bulk Box
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Darling Lemons

Introducing Darling Lemons featuring excellent quality fruit from Argentina, Chile and Spain providing you with year-round supply.

Pack Sizes

38lb Bulk Box
18/2lb Bags
12/3lb Bags
8/5lb Bags
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Suavo Avocado logo

Grown in the most optimal climates in the world, Suavo Avocados® are available year-round with consistent flavor and texture.

Pack Sizes

10/5ct Bags
12/4ct Bags
14/5ct Bags
15/4ct Bags
Lugs Tray Pack
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Tiny Tim's™ Avocados

Give your customers the flavor and texture they love in a smaller, more convenient portion year-round.

Pack Sizes

11 Cartons Per Master Box
(60 cases per pallet)
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Harvested at the peak of perfection, grapes are available in any number of seeded and seedless varieties.

Pack Sizes

18lb Box
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Your customers will love our Minneolas grown in Peru, available July to September.

Pack Sizes

22lb Bulk Box
6/3lb Bags
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Grown in Spain and available from November to February, our Persimmons will be your customers’ new favorite sweet treat.

Pack Sizes

7lb Flat
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Growing Regions

  • Chile: Jun – Nov
  • Spain: Nov – Jan
  • Morocco: Nov – Apr
  • Uruguay: May – Mid Sept
  • Peru: May – Aug
map of growing regions for clementines with Chile, Spain, Morocco, Uruguay, and Peru highlighted
  • Chile: Jul – Oct
map of  growing region for oranges with Chile highlighted
  • Mexico: Year Round
  • Peru: May – Sept
  • Chile: Sept – Feb
map of growing regions for avocados with Mexico, Chile, and Peru highlighted
  • Mexico: Year Round
  • Peru: May – Sept
  • Chile: Sept – Feb
map of growing regions for mini avocados with Mexico highlighted
  • Chile: Dec – Apr
  • Peru: Dec – Apr
map of growing regions for grapes with Chile and Peru highlighted
  • Spain: Dec – Apr
  • Argentina: May – Aug
  • Chile: Jun – Oct
map of growing regions for lemons with Chile and Peru highlighted

Food Safety

Food Safety has always been a priority for LGS. We work to procure fruit that meets the highest safety and quality standards from around the world. Our commitment to food safety is demonstrated in the following ways:

Orange Grove Photo with BRC logo