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Whether you’re craving some fresh orange juice or just want an easy and nutritious snack, Darling Oranges® offer a delicious burst of sweet and tangy citrus flavor!

Darling Oranges
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Darling Oranges® Quick Facts


Storage Tips for Darling Oranges®

bowl of oranges icon

Room Temperature

Store for about 2 to 7 days in an open air container away from direct sunlight.

refrigerator icon

 In the Refrigerator

Store in a mesh bag or loose inside the fruit drawer for about 1 to 2 weeks.

Quick Usage Tips

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Peel ’em and steep the skin in hot water for a natural, citrus-infused tea

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Zest ’em in your homemade baked goods for a subtle orange flavor

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Juice ’em to create a marinade for your favorite protein for a kick of delicious citrus taste

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Slice ’em ahead of time and store in a container for an on-the-go snack

Orange Nutrition Facts

Per Serving
0 G
Total Fat
4 G
Dietary Fiber
280 MG
2 G
90% DV
Vitamin C

Full Nutrition Facts