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Darling Clementines oranges
Darling Clementines logo

Always delicious and always in season, our easy-peel Darling Clementines® make any moment a sweet one.

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darling oranges
Darling Oranges logo

Just like their clementine counterparts, Darling Oranges® are sourced from the most bountiful groves around the world.

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It’s what’s on the inside that counts! A twist on the classic navel, the pink flesh of Darling Cara Cara Oranges® delivers a sweet citrus flavor that you won’t want to miss.

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Colorful, zesty and full of bright flavor, our Darling Lemons are the perfect addition to any meal or occasion.

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whole, halved, and quartered lime
Darling Limes logo

Squeeze the day with bright and zesty Darling Limes®!

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The irresistible flavor and unique shape of a Minneola make this citrus fruit a must-have seasonal item that you won’t want to miss.

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whole and halved grapefruit
Darling Grapefruit logo

Tart and juicy, fresh Darling Grapefruit® adds bright color and bold flavor to any plate or recipe!

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Suavo Avocado logo

From breakfast to dinner, and small bites in between, Suavo Avocados® provide the ultimate flavor and texture to amp up any dish. Whether you are following a specific diet such as keto, paleo, gluten-free, or intermittent fasting or just looking to incorporate more nutritious foods into your lifestyle, Suavo Avocados are the perfect snack.

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Tiny Tim's™ Avocados

Tiny Tim’s® avocados have the same creamy texture and flavor you love but in a single serve size.

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Firm, sweet, and juicy grapes are harvested at the peak of perfection for delicious bite-sized snacking.

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With a sweet-honey flavor, this unforgettable fall fruit is ready-to-eat and can be added to salads or roasted for a warm treat. Enjoy within a day or two once ripe in your favorite sweet and savory dishes.

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