Darling Clementines
Crate of Darling ClementinesDarling Clementines from LGS sell themselves. Small enough to fit a child’s hand, they have a zipper skin that peels off effortlessly and a delectably sweet savor that makes first-time tasters fall in love. With so much going for them, it’s no surprise Darling Clementines fly off the produce shelves, and consumers eat them by the crateful.

Healthy/Vitamin Rich

Healthy and Vitamin rich Darling Clementines Darling Clementines are packed with Vitamin C to help keep your skin, bones and teeth healthy. They are low in calories, and are a significant source of essential sugars, dietary fiber, calcium and vitamin C. It’s no wonder fans love them!

Fun Facts

Clementine Facts Darling Clementines are a sweet addition to lunch boxes. Clementines are perfect for learning to juggle, their smushed-ball shape and smooth skin makes them easy to catch. Clementines are also known as easy peelers.

Year Round Availability

Year Round Clementine Availability November to February
  • Clementines from Spain, Morocco and USA
March to May
  • Mandarins from Morocco and USA
June to August
  • Clementines from South Africa, Chile and Peru
August to October
  • Mandarins from South Africa, Chile, and Peru

Package Choices

Clementine Packaging Darling Clementines are sold in a variety of package sizes. From the traditional 5lb wooden or cardboard crates to individual-sized 1lb, 2lb and 3lb bags. There are endless creative uses for the crates. Let your imagination run wild.

Clementine Growers

Clementine Farms Darling Clementines are grown around the world in countries like Spain, South Africa, Morocco, Chile, Peru, and the USA which have the fertile combination of warm days and cool nights needed for Clementines to develop the right balance of acidity and sweetness.