Consumer Surveys

booth postcardConsumer surveys have found that of the approximately 150 brands of Clementines being marketed in the U.S., the “Darling Clementines” label is the most popular, the most frequently found in stores, and the most consistently rated good to excellent for fruit quality. One survey of first-time buyers found that a whopping 90% who bought our fruit loved it. Seventy-eight percent of the of the survey group said they bought more than 10 5lb crates during their first season, while a sizeable 46% said they purchased 15 or more crates. While almost 30% said they bought as many as 20+ crates every season. Forty-four percent of those who bought “Darling Clementines” for the first time were seduced “by the taste.” “One bite, and I was hooked,” said a consumer from Seattle, WA. “Now I have all my friends rushing out to the stores.” Clearly, consumer consumption of “Darling Clementines” is rising rapidly. Back in 1992, less than 7,000 tons of fruit were marketed in the U.S. This season, we expect total tonnage to exceed see LGS controlling a hefty 35%-40% of the market.