Company Philosophy

LGS’ out -of -the box approach to the produce business

The many strengths that LGS brings to its produce partnerships make up a winning business strategy for you. Here are eight good reasons why we’ve won the trust of our produce partners:
  1. Worldwide produce network. LGS has forged partnerships with the foremost leaders in each growing area. Patient, day-by-day attention to these trading relationships pays off in premium produce for our customers.
  2. Problem-solving savvy. LGS standing as a security and safety leader allows us to fast track produce through a tangle of import regulations and other red tape, bringing it to market ahead of competitors.
  3. Communications know-how. LGS has invested in sophisticated communications and operations technology that keeps every part of our business running smoothly, from tracking sales and inventory to communicating with customers and trading partners.
  4. Demanding quality standards. Rigorous food safety inspections and international level quality control standards ensure that the produce we sell is truly world class.
  5. Progressive management philosophy. By compensating employees well and providing incentives for them to improve their skills, LGS keeps turnover low and morale high. For customers, this policy translates into seasoned employees who are eager to do their best.
  6. Marketing support. Using all available resources, LGS provides provocative, well-designed sales and promotion materials that increase consumer awareness of its products and stimulate sales.
  7. Proactive consumer research. LGS monitors consumer behavior using ground-breaking approaches such as “Clemwatch,” a program that analyzes consumer preferences, based on actual store visits.
  8. Innovative packaging and pallet configurations. In a comprehensive response to customer demand, LGS offers its produce in a variety of innovative new packages and pallet configurations to fit the needs of different retailers and family groups.
Truck unloading South Africa Avocado  packinghouse Truck loading