Marketing and Advertising

LGS Sales 2014 PMA ad

LGS Sales 2014 PMA ad

LGS offers strong sales support to its customers. We provide provocative, well-designed promotion materials and sponsor public events that increase consumer awareness and stimulate sales. We also utilize state-of-the-art marketing, advertising and information management systems, including radio, TV, electronic and print media, and GPS tracking.

We are in constant touch with our customer base, which includes some of the largest and most successful wholesalers and supermarket chains in the United States. We have developed video, CD, web site and print materials to educate buyers about the growing, packaging and shipping processes, and we support in-store ads and demos that allow consumers to sample our produce for the first time.

In addition, LGS conducts frequent surveys to determine customer satisfaction and keep ahead of industry trends and changes. Finally, we maintain a vigorous and ongoing public relations campaign to keep the press apprised of any and all developments that affect the growth and success of our company, and the products we sell.

"Darling Clementines" Label

LGS Specialty Sales Ltd. is the nation's leading importer of Clementines to the U.S., and is best known for developing and marketing the stunningly successful "Darling Clementines" label.


First launched in the fall of 1995, the bright blue, white and orange "Darling Clementines" label has now achieved amazing popularity among consumers and become a familiar sight in stores and supermarkets all over the country. In fact, "Darling Clementines" have so captured the hearts of American shoppers that produce managers in many parts of the country call them the "hands-down best selling citrus on the market."

This exceptionally sweet winter citrus is grown in climates around the world where the days are hot and the nights are cool. It is full of vitamin C and such a snap to peel that people eat them by the crateful. LGS packages and sells its fruit under the exclusive "Darling Clementines" and "My Darling Little Clementines" labels.

"Darling Clementines" are carefully packaged in configurations to meet the needs of retailers and families of all sizes. They can be purchased in 10-kilo boxes, in beautifully designed, 5lb wooden crates, in easy-to-display 3lb. or 2lb mesh bags or sold loose by the pound.