Avocado bag frontStar Performer in your Produce Department

Hass avocados are among the top ten profit performers in any produce department per foot of display space. Their creamy, delectable taste combined with numerous health benefits make them a perfect choice for today's health-conscious consumers, and offer you scores of opportunities to cross merchandize with other products and increase sales of complementary items.

Sources, Seasons and Supply
To ensure that you have a consistent, steady, year round supply of premium-quality Suavo Hass avocados, LGS has partnered with the largest avocado producers and packers in Mexico, Chile and California, USA. As a result, we can offer you a customized sales program that allows you to choose fruit in three different stages of ripeness:

  • Stage 1: ripe in 5-7 days.
  • Stage 2: pre-conditioned - ripe in 2-3 days.
  • Stage 3: ripe - ready to eat now, with a shelf life of 2-3 days if kept at room temperature.


  • Suavo Hass avocados from Mexico are now available year round in all 48 contiguous states
  • From¬†July to January - Suavo Hass avocados from Chile
  • From January to August - Suavo Hass avocados from California, USA

Regardless of the country of origin, you can count on LGS for top-quality fruit that has been ripened with precision and packed with care.

Avocado 33lb boxPackaging Options

You have a choice of fruit sizes and packaging. LGS offers Suavo Hass Avocados in sizes ranging from 36s to 70s in three kinds of packaging. They can be either place packed in 12lb. or 24lb. boxes to avoid bruising, or packaged in attractively designed 4 count net bags which are perfect for showcasing ripe fruit. Interestingly, studies show that shoppers prefer ripe avocados and purchase them over firm fruit by a margin of four to one. What's more, displays that feature ripe, ready-to-eat, fruit often spur impulse purchases.

Avocado bagMerchandising Suavo Hass Avocados
Take full advantage of this great sales opportunity by selecting a mix of firm, pre-conditioned and ripe, ready-to-eat Suavo Hass avocados so your customers can choose fruit that's ripe for tonight, ripe for tomorrow or ripe in a few days. The health benefits are numerous. Suavo Hass avocados are heart healthy, naturally cholesterol free, and chockfull of nutritional goodies like Vitamin E, glutathione, beta-sitosterol, lutein, fiber, thiamin, riboflavin, and niacin. Plus, with just three grams of carbs per serving, they are a natural for today's popular low-carb diets.

Special Pricing Programs Available
Don't forget to ask us about special pricing. LGS can offer you a monthly or seasonal pricing program that lets you accurately budget product costs, project sales volumes, feature Hass avocados at more attractive prices than your competitors and increase the overall profitability of your produce department.
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