Wholesome and healthy to keep you in the pink!

ApplesPerhaps the first fruit tree ever to be cultivated by man, apples have often been regarded—mistakenly—as a mystical and forbidden fruit.

In fact, research has proven that the old saying "An apple a day keeps the doctor away," is closest to the truth. Apples are known to possess many health benefits, to help with heart disease, weight loss, cholesterol, even reduce the risk of several forms of cancer.

Sources, Seasons and Supply: Now LGS has partnered with the top growers in Chile and New Zealand to bring you some of the best beloved and most prized varieties including: Braeburns, Royal Galas, Granny Smith’s, Fujis, Cripps Pink, and the rare New Zealand Rose.

Availability: From March to August, LGS apples can enjoyed in a host of different ways. They can be eaten fresh from the fruit bowl or packed in a picnic basket or lunch snack. They can also be canned, juiced or fermented to produce apple cider, vinegar, applejack, apple brandy, even apple wine.

One of the most important uses, of course, is in cooking. Apples are the main ingredient in apple pies, crumbles, cakes and meat dishes. They can also be baked or stewed in sauces, jellies and apple butter, or covered with a sweet candy coating and served on a stick as the ever popular candy apple.

Packaging: LGS apples of all varieties are packed in 40lb cardboard boxes.