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LGS is your all-season source for premium grapes, avocados, clementines, mandarins, and more.

Let us assure you that lgssales.com is designed to bring you the most current information available about our company and the premium produce we are known for. You’ll discover:
  • What’s behind the explosion of consumer demand for delicious Darling Clementines and other tasty citrus from Spain, South Africa, Chile, Peru and the United States.
  • Why creamy Suavo avocados are in two top ten charts: Heart Healthy Foods and Top Profit Performers In Any Produce Department.
  • All about our sugar sweet table grapes..
  • You’ll learn about the many strengths LGS brings to its produce partnerships and how this aspect of our operation benefits you.

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If you’re in the produce business, you may want to skip straight to the segments on Commodities, or Food Safety where you’ll find detailed information about our products, packaging and the extraordinary steps we take to ensure that our fruit is safe and wholesome for your customers. And there’s lots more. So enjoy your visit with us!
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